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This is your opportunity to have your own Scottish island by sharing in an island dream in the form of the romantic Isle of Sgarabhaigh (pronounced Scaravay) and located in the Western Isles of Scotland. You will become an ‘Associate Owner’ of the island for your lifetime, have your own spiritual Scottish home and will create your own piece of family folklore by building Sgarabhaigh, the Western Isles and Scotland into your family history forever. A unique package of articles has been lovingly assembled to bring the island into your home wherever that may be allowing you to see and hold your island, until you are able to visit, without leaving your armchair. It is an island in a box, a unique family heirloom and a slice of reality created by a dream that came true.

The island sits majestically in the turquoise waters of the Sound of Harris guarding its eastern approaches. Whales and dolphins glide through the crystal clear waters around the island and a colony of seals lives on its shores. A vast array of sea birds visit the island, some stay and nest on its sheer cliffs and peaty meadows others just take a short rest from a longer journey.

It is a small but very interesting island extending to about 40 acres and having all the features of much larger islands but on a more human scale. Its typically Hebridean treeless grass and heather landscape provides clear views of its hills, meadows, rocks, headlands, cliffs, shingle beaches, cove and its small freshwater loch. It is home every summer to a small flock of sheep. This farming activity stretches back over hundreds of years and is responsible for the healthy balance of heather and grass. The name Sgarabhaigh, when translated from the Gaelic means Cormorant Island and appropriately it has its own resident colony of cormorants. The island is reputed to have its own sea otter and there is evidence of its presence but it has yet to meet the camera.

The views from the island are stunning with the Scottish mainland and the beautiful Isle of Skye lying to the east and the vast white shell sand beaches of North Uist to the south. Equally as impressive are the views to the north and the mountains of Harris which act as a backcloth to the pretty coastline of Harris. The views to the west look out over several sister islands in the Sound and out to the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, a perfect place to see one of the flaming red sunsets for which the islands are famous. Click here for more detail about Sgarabhaigh.

We have set up a Company to hold the freehold of this jewel of an island for the enjoyment of its Associate Owners who may be lovers of wild places, people with Scottish ancestry or just incurable romantics with a love of all things Celtic. So, if you have a fascination for islands, Scottish heritage and would like to acquire a lifetime’s interest in visiting the island and protecting its environment we are offering you the chance to enter into a contract with Friends of Sgarabhaigh Limited which will confer many of the benefits of outright ownership without the liabilities and obligations. For this reason we are calling your interest “Associate Ownership” and your ‘Holding’ will be the rights granted under your Contract with the Company.

The Associate Ownership can be a present for anyone - a family member, a friend or a colleague who may enjoy the unusual or anyone who has family links to Scotland. As a gift for a lifetime it certainly is a present with a value well beyond its material cost. There is also an option for a member of your family to retain the ‘Holding’ when it becomes available and keep it in the family and providing the potential to pass it down to your children and subsequently on to your children’s children, thus continuing your family links to the island on through the ages. It can be a gift for any of the anniversaries we all have each year or a spontaneous gift for that special person to show how much they mean to you. Whatever the circumstance, the present will write you, and our island, into the folklore of your family. The associated Sgarabhaigh Package of articles is held in a solid oak box that will allow you to add your own photos, letters or family history details for the interest of future generations. It will provide a solid provenance developed by you and with the potential to be added to by each generation.

You will have generally unrestricted rights of access to the island as an Associate Owner although for practical and fiscal responsibility reasons the island will be managed by a small Company Board to safeguard the islands environment. More details of the management arrangements and the island are available in the Associate Owners Handbook.

Sgarabhaigh can be your own spiritual Scottish home in on of the cleanest and on-spoilt environments in the world. So visit the Western Isles of Scotland (The Outer Hebrides) and visit your own island of Sgarabhaigh, a beautifully proportioned island with its loch, cove, beaches, meadows, cliffs and crystal clear waters. See its panoramic views, its seals and sea birds, walk the island and soak up the tranquillity, take your photographs and memories of your special place and leave only footprints. Become part of what is Friends of Sgarabhaigh your own international island family it will touch your life and soul.

When you visit you visit you will be able to have your passport stamped with the Sgarabhaigh Passport Agency stamp. This will reinforce the provenance of the box and show future generations that you have visited the place they will visit as the generations pass. The ‘Diary’ section of the Handbook will allow you to record details of your visits, who you went with, what you saw and what you think of your family island. These notes will provide a degree of immortality as you add yourself and you handwriting to family folklore.

Finally through your eternal link to the Western Isles and its people you will have the privilege of becoming part of a strong island community in a very special part of Scotland. “May the wind be always at your back”

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